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Level GuideEdit

Start of this part of the level by jumping in to the boat on the river. Wait for it to get near a wooden platform then jump onto it. Once on it the camera zooms in on a tribesman with binoculars. If he spots Crash it will cause an instant death. When he is looking crouch behind the reeds in front of you. When he stops looking jump across the rocks and move on. Repeat this untill you get under the tribesman. He cannot see you here and there is a Checkpoint Crate.

At the checkpoint jump into the next boat and move on. This time on the platform there is a TNT crate next to a log as well as reeds to hide behind. Quickly activate the TNT crate and hide behind the reeds before the tribesman spots you. Cross the log to reach the next checkpoint.

In this part of the level Crash has to duck in the boat to avoid being seen. This works the same as hiding behind reeds. When the tribesman is not looking at the boat is close to the next platform move on. Up ahead native traps from the previous part of the level appear. Jump across them to move on. The last part of this section of the level is up ahead.

Crash is now in a grassy area with fences and another tribesman. Hogs appear as enemies in this section. Spin them and duck behind the fences before they charge Crash. Each section has more hogs so try to get rid of them as soon as possible. After Crash has passed the tribesman there will be a drop down onto a beach. On the way down try to land on all the crates for a extra life.

Once on the beach make your way up to the top of the next part of the level by jumping up on native traps. Once at the top proceed untill a door closes behind you. Your progress will now be saved.

Tips and TricksEdit

The Tribesman in boats don't hurt Crash so Crash dosen't have to spin them away.