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Totem God

Welcome back to Twinsanity Tips & Tricks! As you may have noticed, EpicWikipedian has took control of Twinsanity Tips & Tricks from Crashfreak99 after a fall-out with the main Bandipedia. So anyways, this article helps you with defeating the Totem God.

Basic informationEdit

There is a short cutscene before the boss fight, where you walk into a circular arena with the Totem God's head only just sticking out. Walk further into the circular arena, and the Evil Twins will speak to Crash and Cortex briefly, then they will make the Totem God come to life. He has 3 hitpoints and is the second boss of the game.


  • Slam: The Totem God will slam his fists across the ground at random areas.
  • Dig: The Totem God will reach one of his fists below the ground and then it will come out of the ground and try to slam Crash and Cortex.
  • Create Enemies: The Totem God will make loads of enemies come out of the ground, then Crash will have to throw Cortex into the Totem God's mouth while it is open as soon as possible or the mouth will close. Successfully surviving this attack will make the Totem God throw up Cortex and lose a hitpoint.
  • Laser: The Totem God will turn his eyes into a laser, which will attempt to kill Crash and Cortex with it. If the player successfully avoids this attack for long enough, the laser will run out of ammo and stop. This attack is only used after the Totem God is down to 2 hitpoints.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Just run either left or right during the whole process of the boss (except for the stage where you have to throw Cortex into his mouth) and you'll usually be fine.
  • Don't try to beat the enemies that the Totem God creates if you find them hard to defeat them. It is possible to make the Totem God lose hitpoints without even attempting to defeat the enemies that he creates.
  • We know that this will seem idiotic to put in this section, but don't touch the Totem God after defeating him! This will make you lose a life and make you have to start the whole thing over again.