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High Sea Hi Jinks 2

Welcome back to Twinsanity Tips & Tricks! As you may already know, this promotion has been halted, but because the Doctor N. Gin boss was simple enough, EpicWikipedian found just enough time to do a little bit more. The guide to the Rusty Walrus boss and the "Tips and Tricks" section will be coming later. Enjoy!

Doctor N. GinEdit

After exiting the factory, jump onto the next platform which should take you over to a circular area. Get onto the circular area, and the boss will start.

This boss is fairly simple; just dodge any missiles he shoots, and when he is about to throw a TNT, stand near one of the spiked legs. Then, once he has thrown it, run away, and if successful, the boss will lose a hitpoint. Repeat this three times, and you will face the Rusty Walrus boss.

Rusty WalrusEdit

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Tips and TricksEdit

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