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Welcome back to Twinsanity Tips and Tricks! This is a boss guide and boss guides will be released after level guides. Enjoy!



The fight will begin with Cortex shooting at Crash. Crash can run around in circles to avoid this. Cortex will then charge up a plasma blast and fire it at Crash. Spin it back at Cortex and Cortex will lose a hitpoint. Cortex will then repeat this except this time he will throw bombs and Crash. A red light will indicate where Cortex will throw a bomb. Crash just needs to jump onto other platforms until Cortex fires another plasma blast at him. On his final hitpoint Cortex will repeat throwing bombs and shooting his raygun at Crash. Crash just needs to make sure that he isn't on a platform when it falls. Cortex will eventually fire another plasma blast at Crash. Spin it back and Cortex will be defeated.

Mecha BandicootEdit

As soon as Cortex has been defeated Mecha Bandicoot will rise up into view. He will stomp onto a platform at the top of the arena making stairs fall down. Crash should then quickly climb up the stairs to reach the top. Mecha Bandicoot will then jump onto the platform Crash was on in the fight with Cortex. Mecha Bandicoot has 3 attacks. His first attack is a missle attack which Crashh has to run either left or right to avoid. His other attack is a chainsaw which will try to hit Crash. The Chainsaw is the easiest to avoid as Crash can just run away from it and wsit for it to get unstuck. Then Mecha Bandicoot will fire a Plasma Blast at Crash. Similarly to the fight with Cortex Crash needs to spin them back at it. Mecha Bnadicoot will then repeat all of it's attacks again. Once Mecha Bandicoot gets weaker his only attack will be to fire plasma blasts at Crash. Crash just needs to spin them back at it like before. After each hit it will take longer and longer to charge up blasts. After the Plasma Blaster has been knocked off Mecha Bandicoot will stomp on the platform causing Crash' Cortex and Mecha Bandicoot to fall.