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Crash Tag Team Racing Tutorial

Welcome to Tag Team Racing Tips & Tricks! In this first run of the promotion, we're going to help you with the tutorial that appears when you start a new game. Note that the instructions for this level are already on the game itself, so this guide will only list the things that the game doesn't explain to you.

Basic informationEdit

After a short cutscene, the level will start. Once it has started, the chickens will read out the instructions to you whenever a new move will be required to do something. Just follow their instructions, and you'll be alright. At the end of the level, you will arrive at a circular room.

Walk further into the room, and another short cutscene will start. After this, walk into the elevator, which will take you down onto the ground. Then, walk forward, and you will arrive at the next level. The first gem is an easy find, just get to the top of the statue ahead of you. The rest of the next level will be covered in a different guide.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • This level will only appear once in the whole game. Once you've gone down the elevator, you will no longer be able to return to this level unless if you start a new game.