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Today, 29 March 2012, another update of Crashix has arrived. There are three things to tell you:

  • First of all, and probably the best news, is that there is a brand new text game available in The Arcade! It's called the Blue Bandicoot of Death. Check it out by going to that page!
  • Secondly, it looks like there is another language of Crashix. EpicWikipedian found out about this. He has contacted the person in charge of this project, although he has not received any response yet.
  • Finally, it is still being decided whether this wiki is to move or not. Don't worry, we are aware of the hard work you've put into this wiki here at Wikia, so we will make the transition as smooth as we possibly can if we decide to move. UnBandipedia will not be affected if we decide to move, though.

This is not a proper highlight. Sorry about this, but there is a lack of time on EpicWikipedian's part.

This story was posted on 29 March 2012.