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Well, we could not do without anything special for Christmas! Now, I've got four great festive things to announce; firstly, there will be a special "Christmas Countdown" promotion from November 28 2011 until December 31 2011 on Saturdays (Spectacular Saturdays was originally going to take November 19 2011 and a few late November and early December slots but had to be cancelled because it probably wasn't going to get much enthusiasm from the Crash Bandicoot fans).

Now, the second thing I've got to announce is that the "subscribe" feature will be effective from November 28 2011, allowing the Crash Bandicoot fans to catch up on the highlights much quicker. Also, "Live Bandipedia Highlights" will be effective from mid-December 2011 and will simulcast a live announcer on-screen each Saturday. Finally, I would like to announce that I will install a "Bandipedia Highlights" portal in Bandifanon on November 20 2011. It will also be done on the main Bandipedia network some time in late November 2011. Anyways, enjoy!

This story was posted on 19 November 2011.