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Before reading, note that this doesn't necessarily contradict the Crash/Nintendo fighting game project, so feel free to sign both petitions.

The Bring Back Bandicoot petition is a petition started by JumpButton to try and bring back Crash. The goal of the petition is for Activision Blizzard to make a new major console Crash game with classic gameplay, or alternatively, continue the development of Crash 2010. Link:

JumpButton said:

"In 2008, Crash: Mind Over Mutant was released. This was the last major console Crash title to be released. Radical Entertainment was to develop and release a new Crash console title in 2010, but it was canceled and the team laid-off. Since then, Activision has released nothing but two small iOS applications in the Crash series.

We believe this to be a mistake, and we, as a fanbase, want more Crash character action games (or "platformers") for major consoles. Here are the facts about Crash:

According to Jason Rubin, Co-Creator of Crash Bandicoot - In 2010, Crash rated more popular amongst 18-49 year olds than both Sonic the Hedgehog AND Halo in the 'Q-Scores'. This demographic is filled with people who grew up on Crash.

In 2008, Crash: Mind Over Mutant was reportedly difficult to find. This would imply that not many copies were shipped to begin with. People who never found this game want more Crash games.

On the internet, many people seem to be unaware that Crash titles exist beyond the original 5 or 6 games. These people still want more Crash games, and could be reached.

Beyond these, the core fanbase could not be more anticipative of a new Crash title.

Because of these factors, we believe that the reason Crash games of late have been declining in sales is poor MARKETING and advertising, particularly since the Playstation version of Mind Over Mutant enjoyed the highest ratings for a Crash platformer on a Sony console since the Naughty Dog games. Thus, we submit this petition."

This story was posted on 12 December 2011.