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After thinking about what would happen to Bandipedia Highlights following the posting of our 16 February 2012 update, we have now decided to rename Bandipedia Highlights as we are no longer related to the main Bandipedia in any way. All content from Bandipedia Highlights that was on the main Bandipedia has now been removed, and we plan to be renamed in early March 2012. The actual content will stay as it is, however, there may be a slight design change with the name change and all mention to the main Bandipedia will, where possible, be removed.

On 23 February 2012, to give you a bit of advance notice, we are going to update the poll again like we do every week, but the poll is going to be about what Bandipedia Highlights will be called in the future. On 1 March 2012, the poll will end and the name with the highest popularity will become the new name for Bandipedia Highlights. If there is a tie between some or all of the names, a new name out of the joint favourite names for Bandipedia Highlights will be picked at random by the administrators of Bandipedia Highlights.

This story was posted on 21 February 2012.