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The new feedback tool is a brand new feature on Crashix which will come into effect on all major highlights created on or after 2 March 2012. The purpose of this feature is to encourage people to express their opinions on highlights, and in more detail than before.

What's new?Edit

  • There will be a larger feedback section at the bottom, encouraging users to give feedback.
  • There will be a new like/dislike feature, allowing us to see, at a glance, what users think of Crashix.
  • There will be a brand new feedback forum opening at the same time.
  • The protected page icon will now be above the like/dislike counter, where it will no longer interfere with the page's content.
  • Finally, the like/dislike icons will also be displayed on the main page with highlights that support the feature, allowing people to decide what interests them much faster than before.

Got any questions about this new feature?Edit

Feel free to ask any questions by commenting on this article.