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Featured promotions are a brand new feature on Crashix that started on 3 March 2012! This feature is being implemented to encourage community growth and increase the number of viewers who become editors, as well as to encourage creativity.

How to request your promotion to be featuredEdit

  • All promotions must follow these steps to become featured:
  1. The promotion must have already been started up by the time you made the request, so that Crashix can get an idea of how it will work out if it becomes featured.
  2. The promotion must be set to run for at least 2 weeks, the more, the better.
  3. The promotion must not have any content in it which promotes wikis other than Crashix.
  • If your promotion follows all of these 3 steps, leave a request in the section below for your promotion to be featured.
  • The administrators of Crashix will then choose which promotion is the most well-designed. Once they have, the promotion they chose will get featured. After a week, that promotion will be dropped from featured status in favour of a new featured promotion.

Request your promotion to become featured hereEdit