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Hello, once again, guys. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, EpicWikipedian, the founder and primary contributor, is no longer active on this site. It has became a little bit hard managing this site, and a lot of good editors have left this wiki, so we may have to make some changes to Crashix in order to make sure that this wiki will continue to run smoothly.

On the other hand, though, we're proud to say that we are heading towards 80 unique articles, even not counting the UnBandipedia promotion! We are also heading towards 4 months of the site having existed, which will actually occur on 11 March 2012, and we might do something special on that day, although this will depend on how much time EpicWikipedian has.

Meanwhile, we hope to eventually become active again and start to attract contributors more. Thanks for listening!

This story was posted on 5 March 2012.